Carbondale - Boat Launch
This project included something for for both of the customers - a large raised garden bed area for her and a custom zip line boat launch for him. The raised garden beds replaced a smaller, aging and rotten timber raised garden. Large stones were placed on end to achieve a sturdy and space-efficient retaining system that also provides thermal battery capacity, keeping plants in the garden warmer during our cool nights. The zip line was an idea conceived of by our customer and delivered by our installation experts. The hoist allows for a small pontoon boat to be lifted over the garden bed and deck and attached to the zip line, supported by the redwood truss. The truss is a structural element that we designed to suggest a Japanese garden aesthetic. The boat can then be safely lowered down the zip line by one person to the river, about 80 feet down a steep hill. The project also included re-skinning three large decks with TREX composite decking material.