Glenwood Springs Landscape Design
This project was completed in phases and is ongoing - future additions include wildflower beds, additional plantings, and other enhancements. The customer desired a low-maintenance and drought tolerant landscape, access to the back yard with a stairway, and screening the view plane to the neighbor's house. We first installed the heavy infrastructure including siloam stone stairs, irrigation system, retaining wall for raised lawn area, and fence panels. The fence panels are a one-of-a-kind custom design based on extensive collaboration with our customer and our structural recommendations. These panels are both functional sight screens and objets d'art. Our professional installation crew delivered an exceptional execution for this challenging carpentry project. We recently installed the shade garden to the left of the stairway as well as the sheet mulch for the yard surface. Sheet mulch provides an effective weed barrier as well as building soil health and preventing water loss from evaporation. We anticipate including several wildflower gardens for fall of 2015. This project was 100% designed and installed by PermaScapes. It exemplifies our unique aesthetic by combining practical structural considerations, hardscape infrastructure, xeric and low-water design for our arid climate, and artistic flair.